Quality Policy

APL International is committed to supply products as per Customer’s requirements to their satisfaction.

This is Achieved by :-

  • Strict Quality Control i.e. as per Specification.
  • Implementing & continual improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System & its process (in line with ISO 9001:2008 Standards)
  • Continually educating suppliers.
  • Continually Training all employees.

At APL International, Quality and Customer focus is of utmost importance. We strongly believe in providing total Customer satisfaction through excellence in product & process development, building Quality into the process, Proactive approach to Quality issues, Quick response to Customer, Cutting-edge technology & Price competitiveness.

Skill and competence enhancement in terms of professional and technical skills has been the key initiative. This has helped us very well in understanding Voice of the Customer in terms of Design, Performance, ongoing Quality and Cost competitiveness. 

Our efforts to bring in world-class Quality practices with zero defect mentality only reiterate the fact that we want to be fully committed to Quality & Customer satisfaction, and to become a world-class organization as we move forward.

Testing capability

APL International has comprehensive mechanical testing facilities that include Impact Testing, Tensile Testing, Hardness and Torque Testing.

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